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Our current product offering include Retail Manager Payroll and Retail Manager Human Resources.

Click on the appropriate link below to learn more about each product.

Retail Manager Payroll Windows

Retail Manager Payroll is a Jamaican payroll software designed to help optimize and simplify the complex task associated with running payroll for any business.

With RMP you are able to:

  • - Keep track of basic employee data, name, address, trn, pay history, status, pay period, earnings, deductions types, etc.
  • - Allows for any combination of hourly, salaried, piece work, commissioned payments, etc.
  • - Allow for unlimited deductions including insurance, garnishing, laundry, etc.


Dynasoft - Retail Manager Payroll

Retail Manager Human Resources Managment

Retail Manager Human Resources gives you the ability to ...

RMHR is ideal for any size business and has the flexibility Read more...


Retail Manager Payroll Annual Support Renewal

You can renew your RMP Annual support by




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