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Dynamic Computer Software Ltd., DynaSoft™

is a Jamaican computer company specializing in the development of business applications and the implementaion of
customized solutions to meet companies technology needs
We are the developers of the Retail Manager line of products including

Retail Manager Payroll

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Retail Manager Payroll is a Jamaican payroll software designed to help optimize and simplify the complex task associated with running payroll for any business.
Retail Manager Payroll is ideal for any size business and has the flexibility to handle a variety of pay structures including hourly, salaried, commissioned, bonus and piece work. Statutory deductions are automatically calculated for specified earnings and deductions. All essential payroll cheques and reports may be printed or emailed. Also included are powerful tools for personnel management including tracking employees start date, termination date, vacation time, sick dates, reviews, promotions, time-off and other historically data...

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The Best Payroll Solutions

We provide customized professional services for your business

Payroll Services

We can manage your company's payroll for you. Please contact us for more information.


Our team of professionals has the ability of meet all your requirements. We have the experience, knowledge and tools to help you to accomplish your company needs




We can provide you with tailored hands-on training either at your place of business or at our training facility.

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TAJ threshold regulations

The income tax threshold for all Pay As You Earn (PAYE) workers has changed. See current THRESHOLDS here
Dynasoft has you cover. We are upgrading RMP constantly to support any change to the threshold table.
The current version of RMP supports refunds as well.

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